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Game Angry Birds 2 set a record
Game Angry Birds 2 set a record
A few days after the Finnish company Rovio launched the new version of its famous game "Angry Birds", which is named Angry Birds 2, this game on mobile devices Android and iOS achieved a record in terms of the number of downloads.

The Finnish company Rovio announced just a week after the launch of the new version Angry Birds 2 on 30 July last that the game achieved a rate of downloads amounted to 20 million downloads in a record envelope on Android and iOS and the game is the top of the downloads in the App Store in more than More than 300 countries have played more than 300 million stages and 1.4 billion birds have been launched in the game.

According to experts, the reason for the success of the game Angry Birds is mainly because it is free in a large number of stages, in addition to the spread of the game in a lot of media such as games and TV series or even the cinema that is expected to enter Angry Birds next year.