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The top 5 free Android apps you need to install and try in your smartphone

The top 5 free Android apps you need to install and try in your smartphone
The top 5 free Android apps you need to install and try in your smartphone
In the Android system there are millions of applications and games in all areas, and it may be impossible to try all this huge number of applications in your phone, but there are some that deserve to be in any smartphone Android system, and in this post I suggest you dear follower 5 free and important apps you need to install and try in your smartphone.

If you suffer from annoying ads in your browser or some of the applications I advise you to apply adblock plus and its function is to get rid of these intrusive ads is enough to download from outside the PlayStore and the application will ask you to adjust the settings of the wireless network and you have chosen your network, when you choose the network You will see a sign next to afficher les options avancées and then show you the proxy settings and then fill the required fields and who has disappeared message settings have been successful see the ban of ads to remind this application runs without root.

Many of the applications on the PlayStore specialized maps but most of them, although not less all are working on the Internet, but now with the application MAPS.ME you can see the maps is enough to download and when you open your country and download the map and you will be able to view and know your location without the Internet.

For this application its function is to discover the passwords of Wi-Fi networks in cafes and shops protected by password ...
How to use it:
1-Download it from PlayStation
2 - When downloading run the Wi-Fi and GPS and when you enter the application will be asked to create an account create it
3 - Then you will see points Aloevi, which is a number of colored markers Select one near you has been copied the password and enter the phone settings and put the password in that network found in the application.

If you are suffering from poor connection to your Wi-Fi network, this application will solve this problem is enough to download from the PlayStore and when you enter it will give you all the information about the network you are using and will show you an icon in a circular enough to click on it and the application will activate the network in order to restore the settings and adjust Well and practical.

The majority of us may suffer from sleep anxiety most often the reason is the frequent use of the phone that emits radiation, but now with twighilt application that works to adjust the colors and lighting of the screen phone to protect your eyes and for a good sleep.
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