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Buy Jewelry Wholesale 
at Jewelry Shows and Expos

Jewelry shows and expos are great places to find 
jewelry wholesale. These shows and expos are held 
all over the world throughout the year, and no matter 
where you live, a show will eventually be held near 
you – probably within a days drive. In fact, if you live 
near a major city or a convention center, there will 
probably be several shows throughout the year that 
you will be interested in when it comes to jewelry 
Buy and sell jewelry wholesale

One of the great things about these shows and 
expos – aside from all of the gorgeous jewelry on 
display and the fabulous prices – is the information 
that is offered. These shows and expos often cover 
entire weekends, and related seminars and 
demonstrations are often included as well.

There is an entry fee for these shows and expos, in 
most cases, but it is typically quite affordable. A 
good way to find shows in your area is to visit 
http://aksshow.com/home.jsp Another way to find 
shows is to visit a search engine and type ‘jewelry 
shows your home town’ into the search box, where 
your home town is the town you live in, or a major 
city near you.