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Antique Jewelry

Antique Jewelry

    Antique Jewelry 

    Antique jewelry is typically very valuable, and 
    purchasing such jewelry costs quite a bit of money. 
    But then again, it is possible to buy antique jewelry 
    wholesale as well – if you know where to look. 

    Most people think that online auctions, such as 
    eBay is the way to go. While this is true 
    occasionally, you will usually find that the seller 
    knows the value of what they are selling, and the 
    price is quite high. There are other ways to find 
    antique jewelry at wholesale prices – or below.

    Keep an eye on your newspaper for advertised 
    estate sales and garage sales. Typically, at these 
    sales, the people holding the sale really don’t know 
    the value of what they have. You can literally 
    purchase hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of 
    antique jewelry for just a few dollars on a typical 
    Saturday morning.

    It is important that you not look too closely at the 
    jewelry when you are buying it. If the piece is 
    valuable, you don’t want the seller to know how 
    valuable it is! It isn’t your fault that they didn’t get it 
    appraised – as you will as soon as you leave! Keep 
    a straight face, keep your happiness and joy to 
    yourself, and pay the fifty cents or two bucks that 
    they want for the piece, get in your car and head to 
    a trusted jeweler for an appraisal!

    It is possible that the piece isn’t worth anything – 
    but occasionally, you will stumble across some real 
    finds! Even if the piece isn’t worth anything, if you 
    make jewelry, you may be able to disassemble it 
    for the parts. 

    Finding antique jewelry wholesale is very exciting. 
    In fact, spending those Saturday mornings at the 
    yard sales and estate sales may even become 
    addicting! Yard sales and estate sales – especially 
    estate sales where grandchildren are not interested 
    in their grandma’s old ugly jewelry are the best 
    sources for antique jewelry at wholesale prices – or 
    below wholesale prices.

    This doesn’t mean that there aren’t some real find 
    on eBay as well, so don’t discount it. Keep an eye 
    on the jewelry categories, as well as the antique or 
    vintage categories. When you do find something 
    you want to bid on, make sure that the seller has a 
    good reputation. If the piece is very expensive, use 
    the escrow service that is recommended by eBay. 
    Also talk to the seller quite a bit to be sure that you 
    understand exactly what is being advertised!

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