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YouTube explains the secret number +301 and decided to abandon it

YouTube explains the secret number +301 and decided to abandon it

Perhaps many YouTube followers always notice that in some videos the video views counter stops at +301 which is confusing to many, but in fact this was a way of YouTube to make sure that all views are real views and not the result of fake views by Android.

YouTube has adopted this method over the past years, as the count of views and once the video reaches the number of 301 views immediately stop working to make sure that all views that come after the number 301 are real views and that the content maker did not use a robot from In order to inflate the number of views for the known reasons, which is not a new trick and used by many, and once the verification is completed, YouTube re-run the views counter and thus announce the real number of views of this video.
But YouTube recently announced that it will stop this method by relying on a real-time viewer counter, which reflects the company's trust in users, especially content makers, but this does not deny that YouTube will continue to follow illegal views and ban on its site, but This will be useful for content makers because it will allow them to follow the evolution of their video views in real time.